LEGS Started in 2018 from a deep desire to see women use golf as a platform to build business, forge friendships, and connect on a deeper level. We are seeking to change the paradigm not only on the golf course, but in the business world as well. 

Rather than fitting into tradition, we felt that women were craving a different experience of golf, designed specifically for women. We are on a mission to create a welcoming, inclusive, female-friendly platform for women to grow professionally and personally through the game of golf.

We know deals are made on the golf course, and we believe the social capital built on the golf course can help elevate women to leadership and decision-making roles.

When women are empowered to live their full potential, everyone benefits exponentially. 

Who we are: We are a women’s empowerment organization committed to changing the world, one woman at a time. 

Why we do it: we believe in collaboration over competition and it’s time for women to tap into their collective power to drive change. 

How we do it: building community, connections, and business relations that can propel women forward in their careers and lives.


Why join us? You are looking to build your tribe of like-minded ambitious boss babes to grow with professionally and personally. You’re ready to use golf as a tool to win business. 

Why support us? Progress for women is progress for everyone. When women reach their potential, everyone benefits exponentially. 

The vision of #LEGS is to bring women together to build their business in an inclusive setting on the golf course to: 

  • Learn the game of golf
  • Improve golf confidence
  • Have fun 
  • Network and build business 
  • Meet amazing women in the community 


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